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Here you go an easy question for the weekend.....


We have a child whom I set up an account for at the same time as the rest of the cohort, however, he only appears on some iPad's, his name and therefore journal does not appear when we access Tapestry via the website and not on all our linked ipads either???







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No....I am the manager so therefore all the children are my key children so I should be able to see all anyway.

When I go in via the control panel he is there all set up and ready to go and yet when I go in under the children tab or add observation tab he isn't there. I can't delete and start again because there are observations for him that I don't want to lose.

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Hi Tigger,

Can you make sure he is 'active' on the account?

If he is, and you still can't see him then can you send a support ticket in - mark it for my attention and we can have a rummage about. We will need the child's name in the support ticket - obviously not on here!

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It is likely to either be because the children are inactive, which you can see and change in "Manage Children", or that you are filtering the children out on the "Observations" and "Children" tabs, which you can fix by changing the filters at the top of those tabs.

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