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Adding statements from more than one age band on the app


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No, you need to choose one age band - use your professional judgement and go for best fit. Alternatively, you can save the observation with one age band for some statements and then copy the observation and save it again with other statements ticked in a different age band.

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I'm not sure how this would work with the analysis because Tapestry looks at the 17 areas and uses an algorithm to make a single point of reference. If there is more than one age band allocated for one aspect in one observation then the analysis of that aspect will be very muddled. Maybe you need to make a series of observations in one aspect and not refine the assessment - and then manually assess it at the end of the period when you can look a the 'bigger picture'. I have attached a tutorial that explains how Tapestry calculates analysis from refinements.


Refinements on Tapestry

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Just about to raise this too and I saw this thread! We are new users to Tapestry and while we're getting on great with it we too find that there are those instances when a child is hovering between two age bands for an aspect and staff are wanting to tick statements in both age bands.....which they were doing and then we discovered that it wasn't keeping all the statements ticked - doh!

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