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I have seen and read the tutorials about setting staff as inactive, and that you can only delete old members of staff if they have never made a comment / observation in Tapestry. If I remove the children after they have left, I am assuming that after the 30 day time period, their comments will also be deleted. Does this mean that I will then be able to delete the member of staff?


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The check for observations is really just there so you can only delete a member of staff if you have just added them by accident and they have never used their account. In reality, if the member of staff has used their account, they will be associated with all sorts of things (obs, comments, likes, reports, groups and lots more) inside Tapestry and deleting them would cause things to break. We are currently in the process of changing things around so that they work as you've said you expect. In the meantime I recommend that you just leave them inactive for the moment, and soon we'll have a much better deletion process in place.

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