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Success criteria for child initiated time?


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Hello, I am new here and looking for some help.

I've tried googling any information I can find on this but to no avail.


I'm working in a Reception class and they have a success criteria for child initiated time in the afternoon. It includes points about choosing resources, sharing, having fun etc.


I haven't heard of this and it doesn't sit right with me. I'm willing to be enlightened. Anyone else do this?

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I guess I could link my observations to the characteristics of effective learning - is this what is being used?


Otherwise my possible outcomes would lie in the choices made for the permanent provision or any enhancements I may have added to provoke interests.


This is an example where differentiation by outcome is actually what's happening. It's a long lost bit of teacher training, submerged through endless strategies which apparently demand differentiation by input!


My real concern would be why child initiated learning time appears to be only in the pm! Is the learning being compartmentalised - and what is the teaching that is happening in the afternoon? Are all 7 areas of learning being given equal weight or is it all Literacy/numeracy in the am and everything else in the pm?



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