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Transport Role Play Tramsformations?!


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hi there does anyone have any good ideas what the role play areas coulkd become to tie in with our topic after half term.. transport


i was thinking a travel agent? or and airport??


or a fire station?

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Hi emma21We are doing transport too for the first time and are making our role play into a travel agents. We have started involving the children in the construction of the role play areas and ask them for ideas or things they would like in the area. We haven't done this for transport yet but it's always fun to see what they want. We are also planning to convert the whole class into an airport for a week, having a checking in area, cafe, duty free shop, runway, aeroplane and getting the children to dress up as diff people who work at an airport and make the props we need in DT. (Really looking forward to this as the children should really get involved)

Looking forward to other peoples ideas.


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I have found that some of the best play has come from our spaceship that we have had - sturdy boxes painted silver, various binoculars, stones/rocks to examine with magnifying glasses, a table with keyboard, phones, walkie talkies, paper, etc, hanging aliens - transport of a different kind!

Another good one that we have used in the past was a boat - the caretaker made it from wood - or you could use cardboard / big construction (e.g. quadro). the children had oars, binoculars, fishing rods, taped sea music to listen to, fish/other sea creatures around, bottles to put messages in, etc.

In both of these areas, the play has been much more inventive and maintained the children's interest for a long time.

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hi there does anyone have any good ideas what the role play areas coulkd become to tie in with our topic after half term.. transport




During our transport topics we have used

Railway station - with ticket office, posters begged from local railway station, timetables,used rail tickets,cardboard box train on tape rails


Garage with forecourt shop - boxes and tubes for pumps, tools for repairs, bicycle wheels


House boat - normal homecorner rearranged into long thin shape, lots of 'canal art'


Caravan - card wheels added to corners of role play area


travel agent - brochures, posters, booking forms


airport departure area - numbered gates, check in desk, departures screen


space ship - lots of foil, buttons and levers, computer screens and keyboards, star maps





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  • 2 years later...





* Tickets

* Hole puncher

* Cash register

* Whistle

* Money

* Red flag

* Telephone

* Green flag

* Timetables

* Luggage

* Season tickets (photograph)

* Parcels

* Railway personnel caps, tunics, jackets

* Mail

* Waiting Room/Platform

* Chairs

* Cardboard box for train or corrugated card

* Clock

* Signs - British Rail, Name of town/village etc, Platform signs, General labelling e.g. waiting room, ladies/gents, buffet, ticket office

* Tape recording - "The train now arriving............"

* Litter Bin - (discarded tickets)

* Typewriter

* Visit to Railway Station






Linguistic & Literary Signs. Discussion of roles. Station names. Announcements. Explanations. Writing Stories: Ivor The Engine, Thomas the Tank Engine. Labels, tickets, left luggage tickets. Adverts. Answering enquiries/telephone. Form filling

Mathematical Money - selling tickets. Time - timetables. Use of 24 hour clock. Opening and closing times. Platform numbers

Scientific Movement. Forces. Power. Friction. Sound. Making a loud speaker system

Physical Carrying. Punching tickets. Using tape recorder,telephone etc.



Aesthetic & Creative Designing logo. Livery for railway. Making model of railway.



History/Geography History of communication/transport. Types of trains. Planning journeys by train to different destinations/countries. Map making. Plan of station.

Spiritual & Moral

Social & Emotional Development Sharing. Co-operating. Turn taking. Decision making. Problem solving

Home & School

Extension Activities Parcel office. Left luggage. Buffet. News-stand. Enquiries office. Mail train - sorting letters. Take class to visit station. Plan a railway journey.

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* Bags, suitcases - luggage labels

* Passports

* Tickets

* Baggage X-ray

* Trolleys

* Changeable noticeboard

* Seats

* Telephones

* Lots of shops

* Posters

* Currency desk, information desk, check-in desk

* Weighing

* Adverts

* Uniforms

* Loudspeaker

* Toilets

* Map of World

* Passport Control - Stamps

* Desk

* Customs

* Poster to show things not allowed



Linguistic & Literary Reading instructions, notice boards, passenger lists, luggage labels, passports, answering phone, announcements on loud speaker, discussion.

Mathematical Weighing luggage, currency, seating plans, times, timetables, counting people, distances, datahandling.

Scientific Weather, flight.

Physical Carrying, loading, pushing trolleys, packing suitcases, using equipment.

Technological Using the computer software

Aesthetic & Creative programmes, data handling, word processing. Designing : holiday brochures, meals for in-flight catering.



History/Geography Other countries - destinations, distances, flight paths,


Spiritual & Moral Other cultures/religions. Declaring goods at the customs, smuggling.

Social & Emotional Development Sharing, co-operating.

Home & School

Extension Activities Visit to airport/travel agents?

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Have you seen the Role play prog on teachers tv featuring a garage? Our NNEBs are raving about it currently trying to get a real car for outdoor area xD

Is this the school who wrote to the council for planning permission, wrote to local residents who were worried about noise (and lied about how much noise there would be :o ), Marion?


Truly fab.


Good luck with the car....



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