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So, the whole men in childcare thing...


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The good news is I know how to get more men in childcare. The bad news is I need help and nobody seems interested.


Where do you go if you want to find out about this whole "men in childcare" thing? I'd like a "one stop shop" for all men in childcare related things. News, research, support and features in one place.


  1. A page of news. Quick summaries of news stories related to the subject with links to the sources, usually newspapers/magazines. Upcoming conferences, TV programmes, quotes from politicians etc.

  2. A page of research. Let's gather all the research related to men in childcare in one place. Make it easy for people finding out more to get what they want.

  3. Our own research. Can we get as many men in various types of childcare to fill in a questionnaire about why they do it, how they got into it, difficulties they had etc? If we could find men who have left childcare and ask them why they left it would be hugely beneficial in keeping men in the sector. I've been asked many times my views typically by students doing it for a project. The site would be a source of data for them.

  4. Testimonials. Every now and then there's a thread on a parenting site such as Mumsnet where a member asks what people think of men in childcare. I'd like, with permission of the parenting sites of course, to start threads and save the opinions of people onto our website as a snapshot of what people think about the subject, good or bad. Another useful resource.

  5. Testimonials from childcare experts/ nursery managers/ politicians etc.

  6. Features/interviews of men working in a variety of childcare settings.

  7. Ideally, news of efforts made by nurseries and companies to get and keep men in childcare, with updates and results. Busy Bees have men in childcare posters up for some sort of support thing, co-op childcare are trying for 10% men at the moment. It would be nice if the people/companies doing things for men would do it in public so that others can learn from what did and didn't work.

  8. Things that have worked in other sectors and practical tips for nurseries looking for men.

I've contacted a few organisation who I thought might be keen, but no luck so far.



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More than one man in a nursery is good. I think that rather than a chain/nursery group trying to get a man in every nursery, they should try to get 3 men in every third nursery. Better than 3 isolated chaps.

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I have been in touch with paint-pots nursery as I am looking to set up a 'men in the early years' MIGHTY here in the north west of England. I have started making connections on Twitter, keen to promote this further. 



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