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Hi there

does anyone have any good points they feel important to bring up at one to one parents eveing for nursery children?


the children have been in the settin since january....


any new ideas greatly recieved..


i always say about halping at home with letter sounds recognition playing games like eye spy etc and rhyming things?


just wondered if there are any other good points to raise out there?!

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I only wish more of mine would attend parents evening - last time I had parents of 2 children!! (they get like a mini-report sent home though).


I like to use children's books to refer to, & will be especially glad we now use our learning story books, which I'm finding really useful for recording children's progress: if I find them interesting reading (which I do) I'm sure the parents will like them.


Other stuff like not teaching them to write their names in capital letters, & just using enriching language as part of their day to day routines: weighing & measuring when cooking, counting dogs/cars etc. on a walk, recognising numbers on house doors. Talking to their children is really important (I'm sure some of them don't realise this :o ) and reading stories to them. The previous nursery teacher used to tell parents that parents evening was happening but they didn't need to come if there wasn't a problem; I think this time I shall be encouraging more people to come as it's really good to touch base. Must start preparing for ours...

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We have started to do our 'parent evenings' as open days where parents can drop in and chat to the teacher about any concerns on either side and join in with normal foundation stage activities including mental maths on the carpet and jolly phonics warm ups.

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We have two types of evening. Curriculum evenings are held once a school year and focus on a different area of the fs curriculum, eg knowledge and understanding. We set up the nursery as we would on a normal day but with slightly more focus on the curriculum area.


The dads love it for some reason and can often be found clinging to the playdough at 'pack away' time or fighting over the computer!!


The other type we have is the more common parents evening. Each child has a folder of work which is put out for the parents to look through. The children also have a home-nursery link book which we time so it is given out on the night with something fresh in it to do.


I always start off any conversation with a positive comment and find the most effective thing is to be honest.


I'm a bit stuck myself as our parents evenings are next week and I have a child in my group who is OBSESSED with food. She physically shakes and gets excited if you so much as mention milk and fruit, she even tried to eat the plastic sweetcorn shaker! I digress.


The letter we send out assumes that everyone will attend, we don't 'ask' them to come we tell what days the evenings are on and that we look forward to seeing them! If I find it tomorrow i'll post it on here.



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