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Desperate Plea For Help!


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Hi there everyone.


I was just wondering if anyone has any great and slightly different ideas that i may be able to use/ adapt for my observed literacy sessions tomorrow???


my objective will hopefully be around letter sounds...


My top group are currently learning cvc words and are learning the ch and sh sounds.


The middle ones are quite good with letter sounds and was thinking of doing somethin ryhming based?


and the bottom ones are solely looking at letter recognition and some initial sounds.


I would like to be able to do one of these activities outdoors if possible and just wondering if anyone has done or perhaps has any ideas for what i could do?


for the top group i considered them hunting in the outdoor area for letters that make a certain cvc word.. (letters would already be out there in little bowls)

but other than that my brain is frazzled!


i hope this makes sense?!


thnak you so much in advance! x

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Hi emma, good luck tomorrow!


not got any brilliant ideas really, but if you have the support an outside activity could be good. I think I'd be more inclined to put your single sounds/ letter recognition activity outside though---- unless you can be certain that your children will be able to make words with the letters they find, will they be in the right order??

You could chalk some letters outside and let the children pick a card with a written letter which they match to the chalked one and throw a ball to or something?


Rhyming words can be very difficult but you know what you have covered!

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Have you looked in the Playing with Sounds file - this has some lovely ideas (though it may be a little late in the day now). I've got magnetic fishing rods (homemade) and laminated fish shapes with paper clips on with letters written on - children can fish for them in the water tray outside - water tray on floor and NO water in! Skittles - water bottles with letters fastened on - roll a ball, which letters did you knock down. If you're doing anything with cvc words I make sure I do consonants in one colour and vowels in another and tell children to collect two 'blue' and one 'red' then work with a friend to try them both ways round and decide if they've made a word.


Something a little quicker to organise - big puddles drawn on floor in chalk with letters written in - either say a word/show a picture and children have to run to the correct puddle for the beginning sound (depends how many children you plan on taking outside ... and how sensibly they behave :o )


Good luck,


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I like the game in playing with sounds where the children have laminated CVC words buried in the sand and they have to sort them into real words ("treasure") and made up words ("trash").


Another easy activity to do is to use a big alphabet mat and get the children to sort objects by initial sound, placing the objects on the appropriate letter.

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Hi Emma,


I played the buried treasure game recently. I put cvc treasure and trash words into the sand and had the HA reading the words and putting them into sentences, the MA reading the words and I had initial sound treasure for the LA - the trash included symbols and shapes. The children absoutely loved it, especially when I put on my best pirate voice.


Today as an unsupported activity I had made a zig zag book (called my little book of cvc words), I supplied pictures such as cat, dog, net, bed etc, and the children were to cut and stick the pictures into their book and write the words underneath - all the children loved it, including the LA.

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Hi emma 21

Just thought of a game I've played before for cvc words....cvc bingo....

Have bingo card for each child with about 6 pictures of cvc words with same vowel in middle eg pig,six,lip,lid,bin. Adult shows word and children look for picture and cross off if they have it. Can play it other way round with word on bingo card and adult show picture. It doesn't matter if all have same pic/words on card, they still love playing it!

Quite quick to make if you get pics off clipart.

Good luck tomorrow


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