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Is there a way on the 'new' Tapestry to select 'highest age band and refinements' when looking at the group snapshots? That's how I've printed out key groups each term but I can't see where to change it from just the period instead? (Hope that makes sense!)

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Hi Rebecca,


Sorry I didn't think what I had written made much sense lol!


Basically at the end of each term on the old Tapestry I used to do summative assessments for each key group so staff could see roughly where the child was working in each area. When I did it there was different choices (from what I can remember) I think there were 'from selected period' or 'from highest age band and refinement' 'from lowest age band' etc?


But when I try to do it on the updated version it is only giving the option 'year' and 'period' when I go to the group view?


Sorry not sure if that makes any more sense?!?!

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