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Hope that you will find a use for this link, I know that come the summer hols, whilst I'm there creating name tracing cards for a class of 30 I'll be wishing that I'd posted it and at least remembered it.  It's now in my favourite links.





I am really sorry to be a kill-joy, but...


I personally wouldn't use this system as it doesn't use a cursive writing style as we use in our school, and as I've seen used in most other schools I've been in, over recent years. Even with my nursery children, when I model writing I use 'flicks' and 'tails' etc. on my letters, so that when they come to joining letters further up the school, the joining system is already built in. Also, certain letters (I only investigated briefly) aren't produced as we teach our children to produce them; examples of this are 'y' - without a curly tail, 'k' without a loop, and 'f' without a tail.

I gather from the website that if you join you have access to a whole load more fonts, however, it seems this isn't cheap, & prices are in US dollars anyway.

I'm sorry if this dampens your spirits & I'm sure many of you will find it useful, but it's food for thought for those of you who follow a similar system to my school.


Sorry again Angel25!

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I have made photocopies of the handwriting section in the Jolly Phonics Teacher's Manual and we have been using that until now. Hopefully next year maybe we have the chance to buy the workbooks... but that is still not for sure. Let's see what happens. Once they practice this you see the difference with their previous attempts to handwriting. They feel so proud because by themselves they notice the difference :D . The interest in taking more initiatives in writing has increased a lot.

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I just came across this post and thought I would share with you the font I downloaded for free. Its called Primer apples and is a cursive font that the children can trace over. You can get it from www.searchfreefonts.com

Just type in prima and hey presto. :o



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