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Foundation Stage Forum Update: November 10th


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Hi – another update to keep you abreast of new articles, resources and interesting discussions on the Foundation Stage Forum. This is mainly for those of you who prefer not to allow me to email you with updates and therefore don't receive this via email. If you haven't received it and would like to please email me at steve@foundation-stage.info.


New material


Research in Progress: Independent Learning. We have posted an overview of some ongoing research by Dr David Whitebread’s team at Cambridge University. They are investigating various aspects of children’s Independent Learning abilities, and would like to initiate discussion on the forum by interested practitioners and academics. You can find the article at www.foundation-stage.info/articles/indlearn.php


Performance Development Planning (PDP’s) can be a great tool for developing staff. We have a short article on how to prepare and carry out these activities, with sample forms to download. You can find the article at www.foundation-stage.info/articles/setman/pdp.php.


Book recommendations


We’ve reviewed two new texts in the last few weeks:


Observing and Assessing for the Foundation Stage Profile (Vicky Hutchin)


Smooth Transitions: Building on the Foundation Stage (Ros Bayley and Sally Featherstone)


Both are recommended, and you can find the reviews in the Books forum, or the book recommendations page which is at www.foundation-stage.info/resources/books.php.


New Moderator


Thanks very much to Mundia who has volunteered to help moderate the forum. Mundia spends a lot of time on the forum already, offering help and advice where it’s needed, and we appreciate her commitment!




A number of people have been contacting me asking if we can come up with a recommended time for visiting the chatroom. So here’s a suggestion: this evening (Monday 10th November) between 8pm and 9.30pm! Give it a try, and if the only people sitting in there are Helen and me, offer to buy us a drink – we’ll be needing it! On the other hand if there are 500 people in there all trying to type louder than the next person – well, offer to buy us a drink anyway. We’ll still be needing it!


Regards, Steve.

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