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problems logging on

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I have sent you an email via the forum software called 'Forum Post' asking some questions as if we need to get into further details like email addresses etc then that is not a good idea to do so in this open forum area.


Please look out for it and reply to it as soon as you can and we can help get you back online.



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I am also having trouble logging in. I tried to log in the new Tapestry but couldn't so tried the old Tapestry where it said my account is no longer active. I am the manager for our school's Tapestry and we renewed our subscription for September in July.


Is there a way for someone to check my account please?


Many thanks,



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Hi Michala,

Can you send a support ticket about this please customer.service@eyfs.info

We will need to see a few more details from you and so is would not be appropriate over the forum


Did it a few minutes ago, just didn't know where else to go so I logged onto the forum



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