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Urgent replies needed please.

i have never come across this before as if i have been off my deputy has covered me. I have flu so has my deputy, the other staff members only have level 1/2 qualifications apart from a new member who has nneb but hasnt worked for years and is on her induction, only been with us for a few weeks.... i dont think we should open but chair seems to think it is ok, anyone able to help!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Hali,


Sorry to hear that you are poorly :o


All I can advise is that whatever your committees decision is, they should phone Ofsted immediately and let them know the situation. I have done this before for the short term after my Supervisor was off for 2 weeks.


The committee have a few considerations;


1/ They need to check the consequences of closing with regard to the conditions of providing a service for the funded children, so should contact management service at local early years department.


2/ Although NNEB is new / induction period, she is qualified and I presume has had previous experience. Is her CRB current?, How does she feel about the responsibility of covering in your absence?


3/ As far as qualifications are I don't think level 1 is recognised as a qualified member of staff, so on some sessions you may not have 50% of staff qualified ( this was one of my considerations during my short term situation and was ok with Ofsted ).


4/ continuity for children- it is half term in a week, so would being closed for 3 days extra really matter?


5/ Parent / customer services, how will the closure affect their work commitments, especially considering the short notice?


6/ Can any of the committee come in to help as an extra pair of hands. I had parent helpers which Ofsted appeared to take into consideration when they okey my situation.


When a similar situation occured at my preschool we stayed open but covered with out having the required 50% of staff qualified. However, this was bought up at our next ofsted inspection ( 2 yrs ago) and became an action point. We had to ensure we had systems in place to provide staff cover for such emergencies, I now have the contact details of a supply agency, but have not had to use them.


Good luck, I hope you and your deputy feel better soon, and how annoying to be poorly over the half term break.

There does seem to be a national problem with regard to this quite strong flu illness, many schools and nursery's in the country are having staffing problems.


just a reminder - The committee must contact Ofsted whatever their decision. ( Standard 14- Documentation - Significant event)



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I have never heard of there being a supply agency in our county. When I have asked questions of the Development Officer, EYAT etc I've only had very vague answers. The impression I was given was that OFSTED weren't keen!! If anyone knows of one that covers Lincs I'd love to know! I get quite nervous when these bugs go around - there are very few people these days who are prepared to be available as cover just in case you might need them one day!


Our half term is probably a week later than most people's too. We breal up on the 17th. I don't think we're supposed to call it half term with a 6 term year, but I don't know what else to call it!


Get well soon, Hali!

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The problem with using supply is, that although you have an NVQ 3, the parents and children are not always comfortable leaving their child with someone they don't know and the cost is usually astronomical. We are charged £10 per hr. So paying that as well as the staff member who is off is a financial strain.

We were told we had to have qualified and unqualified staff in place with current crb's in the event of illness.

We have had to close because of illness before, 2 yrs ago we got the sicky bug. We notified ofsted, kids were fine, parents were a bit peed off but what else can you do.

Hope you feel better soon Beau :):):)

Net x

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That's more or less what I was told, Net. I agree with it, but I find it increasingly difficult to have the right back-up staff. On eperson on my books at the moment makes it clear that she doesn't like it on the rare occasions I do have to ask her to come in. Sometimes think it would be easier to close.

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I thought the standard states the person in charge must have a Level 3 i.e Deputy or Supervisor.

We had to close one day through sickness because we didn't have the right number of staff to children - there was quite an outcry from parents who insisted I should stay open and disregard the legal requirements.

My committee have suggested I use a committee memeber next time but I am not sure they can count in my ratios?



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Hi. Hope you are all feeling better.

Perhaps a reminder to your parents about your emergency closure procedure would be timely. If you don't have one I will paste ours below.


Emergency Closure Procedure


There may be occasions when Nursery has no alternative but to effect an emergency closure. Examples of this may include staff illness, contagious or infectious illness amongst Nursery children, or a failure in the heating, power or water supply to the Nursery premises.


Should closure become necessary after the Nursery session has started we will contact the first-named person on a child’s Registration Form to ask that they be collected as soon as possible. In the event that the first-named person is unavailable we will contact the other named persons in the order you have stipulated on the Registration Form.


Should we have sufficient notice of an Emergency Closure (eg the night before or before 8.00 am or 12 noon for the pm session) we will endeavour to telephone you personally as early possible so that your child need not be brought to Nursery at all on that day.


Please be assured emergency closure will only happen in extreme circumstances and after very careful consideration.


Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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