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I've recently moved from a Reception/Year 1 class where I was working in a team to a 'pure' Reception class and have found your site invaluable in keeping me up-to-date with the latest issues and also feel like I am still part of a team and not completely isolated!


The issue I'm trying to work through at the moment is about Children's profiles. I am beginning to record observations in a more systematic way than I have ever done before and am wondering in what format others keep these observations. I've read lots about children adding to them, putting photos in, sending them home etc. Each of the children in my class has their own book where they record focused activities e.g. computer work, written work, photos of models etc. Do I then need a separate book/file that records other achievements throughout the year? I can't get my head around how to organise the whole thing and would value some advice! Thanks


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Hi there Jen, and welcome to the forum. I t can be isolating working in the Foundatuion Stage especially if you are a one form entry school, so I'm pleased you feel like part of a team here- we share lots -the goood and the bad.


Im sure there will be lost of different ways of doing this but Ill explain what we do.


We keep a folder on each child whcih contains their profile (based on stepping stones); initial entry information (usually gathered in a home visit); medical notes and SEN deatils where applicable and permissions (for trips, photos etc). In addition to this we also keep a sort of scrap book which contains samples of work, art, photos, certificates if what they have achieved isnt 'written' . This is sent home at the end of the year,which the parents and children love, and after the children have selected their 'best' bits to pass onto their next school or teacher. We photocopy these bits and add them to the profile which moves on with them..

Ive worked in more formal and less formal ways in other schools, so it really is acase of finding a way that works well in your setting. Hope its a strta for you to think about, and Im sure other memebers will add their comments too. :D

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