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We are following Anna Ephgrave's planning in the moment planning, teaching and observation. We are looking to set up our areas across the classes. We have watched the video of her outdoor area on you tube. Now we want to know how those following this way of teaching and learning have set up their indoor environments

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We too have recently began introducing 'in the moment' planning after I spent some of the Summer reading Anna Ephgrave's 'The Nursery Year in Action'. It has completely transformed our way of working and significantly reduced paperwork (which is always a nice added bonus!) We have chosen to leave much of our environment the same, except for 'getting rid' of our 'maths area' as quite frankly it was a waste of space as the children (and staff) would much prefer to incorporate numbers, shape, space and measure into their general play. We have also reduced a lot of our equipment, particularly in the sand and water area and it has made the area much more inviting.


Currently we have the following areas inside:


*Sand and water area

*'Arts and Crafts' table

*Construction/small world area

*Musical area

*Self serving snack bar and table

*Home corner

*Book area

*Computer area


Space is rather limited for us and we are a pack away Pre-School but we make as many of our resources available as we possibly can.


I hope this helps in some way! I should also add that we have just had our first Ofsted inspection and she was really pleased with the environment and planning method. So much so we received an outstanding judgement :)



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