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Mrs Honey's Hat....



I acquired a "story sack" for Mrs Honey's Hat when I was working at a pre-school. It was a manufactured item, but the "props" were very basic (apart from Mrs Honey, herself). The velcro-ed items were taken off/put onto the hat as the story unfolded. It would be easy to make the hat and items from paper (or even scan pictures from the book, laminate, etc.) and use these with blu-tack to re-enact.


Apart from that:


Hats - lots of simple activities there (role play included).


Birds, animals, seashells - usual stuff.


Spiders (rhymes) - cobwebs - leading to sticky (goop?) - leading to sticky chewing gum (more goop).


At the end: mirrors! So much to do with that.



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When Storysacks were quite new I went on a course with Neil thingy and it was fab. I bought a kit to make the storysack but, as with most things, I haven't made it yet. I'll see if I can find it and let you know whats in it!

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Does anyone have any simple activities to do for the book 'Mrs Honeys Hat'?



Hi! I will be doing a topic on hats next term and I was going to use Mrs Honey's Hat to develop the topic. Would you be able to give me any ideas for activities that you used previously with the story?





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