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Snapshots - Highest & Lowest Age Bands

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One screen that you might find useful on the EYFS section of the Snapshots tab is the 'Highest & Lowest Age Bands'. What these screens will show you is the highest and lowest age band and refinement for each aspect of EYFS and for which periods these age bands/refinements were calculated in.

If a child has been assessed more than once for a specific aspect in the same term, Tapestry will calculate an average of the assessments. So, the age band and/or refinement you see in the table, might not be the single highest/lowest assessment made for a child or group. Rather, it will be the highest or lowest summative assessment.

You can find these screens by clicking on the Tracking tab at the top of the page (1), make sure you are on the 'EYFS' section (2), then in the 'Highest & Lowest Age Bands' box either select the Individual Child View or Group view options (3).




If you want to view this information for a specific child you can select the 'Individual View' option. This page is automatically set to show you the highest age bands for a child, if this is the option you want to view you can just select a child to view this for from the 'Child' drop down menu.




You will then be able to see a table which will show you the highest age bands for a child and which period they were assessed in that age band. Any manually overridden snapshots will show up with a pencil at the end of the row.





If you want to see the lowest age bands for a child you just need to select (1) 'Lowest Age Bands' from the type drop down menu at the top of the page. If you would prefer to view this information for a whole group of children you just need to select the (2) 'Group' tab.




Shown below is what the group view screen looks like, you can filter the group you see on this page from the 'Children' section shown in the red box.




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