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First time of transfering documents - 2 questions - 1. If I transfer the document to the school does the file disappear completely or will it need to be deleted from our system? 2. Another setting will have shared care of one of our children, the other setting is also on tapestry and have requested that we transfer the learning journey so far to them - again, will the file disappear from our system or will it remain so that we can continue to add to the learning journey next term?


Thank you


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If nursery setting has started the transfer process to us at school but we have not accepted, does the code time out? I can't use the code as it says not valid. I have also been alerted that we are due to be upgraded (but we can't until I have completed this transfer). Please advise.

Thanks Jo

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The code does not time out but it might be cancelled by the sending setting if it isn't used and they need to get on with other transfers. At the moment you do not have to migrate to the updated version of Tapestry if you don't want to. Eventually everyone will have to move but for now it's opt-in. If you have selected a date for your migration and want to cancel it, you can do so from "Manage Settings > Updated Tapestry". If you need help with your transfer, send us a support ticket and we'll assist.

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Hi Please can you help.?

I wish to export children's PDF journals to their parents. And noticed on one of your tutorials is says the following :

Relatives can access their PDF downloads page by logging into Tapestry in a web browser, clicking on their name at the top-right and clicking "PDF Downloads".


So is this now a way we can export files to parents so that they can save their child's journals to thier own computers or devises regularly or when a child leaves my setting. As this would save me time and money not having to purchase memory sticks etc for them.?

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