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We are currently a PVI sector preschool, we are a registered charity too. What I'm wanting to know is are you affiliated with a school in anyway? If so how and what input, constraints, positives etc this has?


I'm looking at governance, ownership etc I'm not really wanting to have a take over more a partnership in whatever form this may take, also if anyone knows that works like this the liability and Ofsted impact it has. Thanks x

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Our preschool was set up following the closure of parent committee led pre-school due to inadequate OFSTED. We were separately registered/insured from the school at the village hall but we were governed by the governors of the school/ Foundation stage leader so no risk of never having a committee. This meant all employment, wages, finances were through the school, although I did them and monitored passing information on to office manager. We were inspected separately from the school by OFSTED but are not a charity so not registered with charity commission. Staff supported by PVI LEA teachers still etc. Had own policies but took into account ethos of school, close relationships with foundation team, moderating, adivising. So similar to parent run committee but no changes every year as governors tend to be around longer, nominated person is teacher of EYFS so understands OFSTED requirements etc. Setting still had designated person, organised own SEN funding etc as still separate from school.

However we are moving onto school site to open full time and will now come under the school so no need for separate registration, policies, will be inspected with school. I am not sure if SEN funding will now be done differently as they have a SEN team at school, I think we lose our PVI teacher support, safeguarding comes under school reporting methods so lots to think about. Fundraising we have always come under the school PTA and encourage our parents to attend events there.


Never heard of a joint thing. In fact our situation was a first in this area. May find school want it all or nothing? Think about your constitution, charity status??

My school needed a pre-school and support it even when it loses money at quiet times. Mind you they expect us to run to ratio ie strict 1:8 (only 3 yr olds, no 1:6 etc) so can be tough with the mix of children and needs we currently have.

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