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Dealing with parents who think their child is being bullied by a 2 yea

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Hi nacho36mk -

With queries like the one in your title you're more likely to get a response if you give more detail. It's not clear, for example, if you or your staff share the parent's view, or if it's one child or more being accused, or the attitude of the parent (helpful, worried, aggressive). Some story around the fact would be useful. :1b

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If your title is anything to go by that a 2 year old is being accused of bullying by parents, then you need to look more into child development and explain to parents that a 2 year old does not have the cognitive ability to bully. Bullying is a pre determined act that is usually plotted and planned for in advance. A 2 year old is still at the me, myself and I stage, totally different to the bullying terminology used.

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