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Changing your PIN, password and email address

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This tutorial will show you how to change your PIN - this can be used to quickly and easily access the Tapestry app. I'll also show you how to change your email address and/or password whilst logged into Tapestry through the browser, but that comes a little later in the tutorial.

When your user account is first set up a PIN will need to be set (either by the person who's setting you up, or yourself if you have been set up via activation email). If you would like to change it, you can do so through the settings in either the browser version of Tapestry or the app. I will take you through each of these in turn.


Please note that if you have forgotten your PIN you won't be able to reset it through the app, but you can do so through the browser by following the instructions below.


Via the Browser


First of all, go to your control panel by clicking on your name and then "Control Panel"



Next go to (1) Manage Staff. Find your name, or the name of the person you want to set a PIN for, in the staff list, click on the (2) 'Edit' button.




This will take you to the page shown below. Fill in (1) the line labelled 'PIN' to whatever you want to set it to, and finally click (2) submit.




Via the App


Once you have logged into the app using your email address and password or PIN, click on the cog on the far left hand side if you're using the iOS app, or the three dots in a vertical line on the far right hand side if you're using the Android version, then go to 'Settings'.






This will take you to the page shown below, where you need to enter your current PIN, the new PIN you would like, and a confirmation of the new PIN in the 'Change 4 Digit PIN' box (1). When you have filled that section in, click (2) 'Save'.





Your PIN will then have been updated so you will need to use the new one the next time you want to sign into Tapestry with a PIN.


Changing your email address/password

This part of the tutorial will show you how to change your email address and/or password whilst logged into Tapestry through the browser.

If you have forgotten your email address and thus cannot log in, you will need to contact the manager directly to reset it for you. If you have forgotten your password, you can either ask your manager to reset it, or use the 'Having trouble logging in?' function on the log in page, and follow the appropriate instructions.



First of all you need to log into the browser. You can find the website by either typing in 'www.tapestryjournal.com' into the address bar of your browser, or by googling for Tapestry. We are the first link.


Next click on your name in the top right hand corner and choose 'Edit Preferences' in the drop down list.



That will take you to the page shown below. Depending on whether it's your email/password that needs resetting, click on the 'Change email options' or 'Change your password'.




When clicking 'Change Email Options' you'll be taken here; where you can enter your new email address, then 'Submit' when you're happy with it.




When clicking 'Change your password'. As you can see, you are able to change your password here by typing your existing one in first, then you will need to confirm your new password by writing it a second time. NB - please please look through this advice tutorial if you're not sure why it is important to set your password uniquely and securely

Once you are happy that your new details are accurate, press 'Change Password'. You can then leave the page.


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