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Hello everyone,


Can anyone let me know how easy or what I need to do in regards to holding information electronically for Tapestry?


How expensive is it?


I have only just realised this may be something I need a policy on!


Has anyone got an example policy they use for Tapestry?


Many thanks




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Hello, If you look at this document that we posted recently into the resources library you will be able to check that you are thinking about all the appropriate safeguarding policies and procedures that cover your use of Tapestry. The ICO registration can be explored here


Hope this helps


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We registered donkeys years ago to be on the safe side because we weren't sure whether we ought to or not. We pay £35 a year which is neither here nor there for the peace of mind we get

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Hi Amina -

As Lois says it's somewhere around £35 a year and is a very straightforward procedure. You need it if you hold any personal information electronically, so probably applies to most organisations these days. :1b

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There is an exclusion clause for charities so they don't have to pay as long as holding the data is for the purposes of running the charity.


If that applies you just need to write to the ICC with your reference number and charity number to state that you are a charity and use data for that purpose only.

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