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Air quality and outdoor space


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Hello all


I am in the process of relocating and would like to make an outdoor area at the front of the new premises. This will mean the area is alongside the road at the front. It's not a main road, joins to an A road but has no obvious designation.


Is anyone aware of any regs or guidance relating to air quality?


Thanks in advance...

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I'm pretty sure there are none. Half the primary schools in the country would have to close if so. In fact it m sure that from time to time there are tv reports about serious pollution around the spaghetti junction in Birmingham and some London boroughs and about how it affects school children

I can think of quite a few primary schools/ early years settings near to us who are in a similar position to what you describe - and worse

Your local Building Control Officer may be able to help. It's amazing what they know

Sorry I can't be any more specific

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If there WERE regulations, you can be pretty sure that a great many schools and settings would have to close. I guess your main concern will be making the area as safe as possible, so that children cannot get out ( and BTW, there are NO regulations about how high your fencing should be..........)

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Thanks guys for confirming my thoughts. Narnia interesting about fences. Will go as high as I can get away with!

When we did the fence that separated our play area from the pavement we found that the ground levels were different and so we could get a fence that children could see over, just ... which was too high (on the pavement side) for an adult to reach over. We still have in our risk assessment that a member of staff is 'stationed' by the fence tho'.

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