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I have just hired a new member of staff who is a level 2 studying for a level 3 but am slightly worried that a long term member of staff will feel pushed out. The long term member of staff is level 2 and the group needs a level 3 due to statutory requirements. The long term staff will not enrol on MAths and English which she will need to do her level 3. I have offered all kinds of support to get her on the way such as offering her 2 years ago time of to go to basic English and Maths but she has refused. Offered to go college to do MAths and English with her but she refused. She has known for over 6 years that she needs to be qualified to level 3 and I feel it is kind of sad that she has refused to do any more training to improve her professional development. If she had done it years ago when there was no need for English and maths then we would be in a good place.......

About 4 years ago a member of the Local Early Years team came to visit and said to tell her to get qualified and i did she got her level 2 but the EY team wanted us to have level 3 trained staff. There was even threats of removing funding......


The other problem is that she is very opinionated .......


advice any one

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She knows the score so I'm afraid she has to put up with the consequence. You have to employ the level 3, (is this for ratios?), presumably you are still employing her as well? She can mumble about the unfairness all she likes but you've been supportive, hopefully recorded your conversations through supervisions etc? And ultimately it is her decision not to go on and get her level 3.

SOrry if that sounds harsh, but she can still play a role in your setting as a level 2, and you can still include her as a valuable member of the team.


In terms of the LA they cannot demand you have all L3 staff unless there is a change to the statutory framework in the future.

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I'm guessing you've talked about any underlying reason that she might find Maths & English exams harder (English as 2nd language, dylexsia, irlens, etc...)?


I ask because 1 of my staff did not do well at school, and when her daughter was at 6th form, it was realised that the daughter has Irlens, and the specialist tested the whole family and found my colleague also has Irlens.


Of course, it wasn't considered (or known about?) when she was at school, so she was 'just' labelled as 'not academic' and not considered an issue. She vividly remembers a maths teacher shouting at here because she couldn't do the work, and has been put off maths because of it.

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