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Hello all! wave.gif


As a Preschool ( committee run) we now run an OOSC at our local school. When it was in our village hall it was run under the preschool umbrella, now its at school it is classed as a separate setting and registered with ofsted even though we still run it. We don't have a written agreement with the school and since opening the governors have changed and what we initially agreed is slowly changing and its a bit like chinese whispers! I'm worried as now our committee is changing at the AGM.

School want all our staff employment details and one of the govenors has rewritten some of our policies, the lines seem to be getting blurred over who is actually running it. speechless-smiley-040.gif

So I'm hoping some kind person on here has an agreement or something they can share with me as I'm going to have to spend the Easter holidays writing up who has responsibility for what area of the club and who pays what.



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Hello. If you are separately registered then the governors of school have no responsibility for club at all. The polices have to be decided by your committee as they are signed by your chair. We did ued to take into account the ethos of the school etc when writing our policies. ( I used to be chair of the OOSC before I saw it through take over by the school as parents did not have the time to do all that required doing). The governors should have a rental agreement with club and they are within their rights to ask if your staff have been suitably checked etc as you are on their premises and they have to ensure safeguarding of other children that maybe on school site whilst you are there.


If you do a search on google for school agreement and club you may find an example of an LEA one as they are the people that normally encourage schools to get one signed by the club. All our finances for club were separate from school apart from rent, paper towels. We ordered our own resources and own food, paid our own staff. Mind you was much easier when the school took it over and perhaps that is what the school are looking at doing?

Hope this helps.

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