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Hi all

in our school Nursery class we are moving into 'in the moment' planning. this way of working is very new to us but something we feel is the way forward. However, each year all teachers are formally observed in mathematics and literacy against the teaching standards.

By planning in the moment I feel that the type of formal obs that are carried out are no longer suitable, indeed appropriate for this way of teaching. I understand that it is important for SLT to ensure that teaching standards are being met. I need to come up with a way/proforma that SLT can still get what they need whilst appreciating what is best practice in Nursery. I wondered if anyone else has to be observed or have new ways to do this?

I have thought of learning walks and showing in terms of a rational how maths can be approached throughout our enabling environment but have a feeling they will want to see some teaching but when you dont plan for it, it may not happen spontaneously. Does that make sense?

I am getting a bit worked up about it and a tad stressed as i feel i am trying to come up with the answers on my own for which at I dont yet know. I also dont know if I feel condident to have the words to fight my corner!

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Hi apple, don't panic, you'll work something out.

to start you off, when we observe in settings, including schools, we would be looking for things like

levels of well being and involvement

how the environment is resourced and laid out

what adults actually do

quality of interactions eg how adults move learning on

how children access areas

use of language

how children cooperate and work together



we would talk to staff about specific children


If it's focused on a specific area eg maths..I would look at the above with a maths hat on, and especially correct use of mathematical language.


It's just a start, I'm sure others can add to to help you along.




Edit to add. Forgot to add use that lovely definition of 'teaching' from the OFSTED handbook which changes the way we should be thinking about what teaching actually is. I'm sure they can still be linked with the standards

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Mundia you always relay such words of wisdom. I have ideed had time to begin to put something together which covers much of what you have suggested. it will be interesting to see how this goes on Monday when the first maths obs takes place. thank you

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