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I am wondering wether anyone would be able to point me in the direction of some printable information pages on handling children's behaviour.


Now obviously my staff do know our policy etc, but to help them consider the issue I would like to be able to supply them with some written info. I am having trouble locating anything much.


We have one particular child who is needing a lot of assisitance and attention at the moment and I am planning a meeting with my staff to discuss this - so I'm almost looking for food for thought.


Thanks if you can help.


Nic x

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Try this link to BAECE some good leaflets for parents and staff.



I've attached thier one called helping children with their behaviour, but worth looking at the other ones too. :D



I also think it is important that staff remember to "stand back" and observe the Antecedent, to consider and review their expectations and responses to children, especially the ones who display negative behaviour often.





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Couldnt agree more Peggy, about standing back. There are two children at the nursery I'm at right now who were introduced to me as 'You'll have to watch these two' What a way to start. :o So I do watch those two and yes they are a boistrous and can be unkind but not always and I did see one of the boys told off yesterday for being on the grass when in fact I'd seen him helping a girl who had fallen onto the grass. I do think we need to stop what we're doing and watch what happens when the children are playing. We need to reflect on the lables we give to children, this one has special needs, this one hits others, this one wont sit still etc. If I believed everything I'm told when I enter a new nursery I'd go into hiding :(:D Good job they dont know the lables I've been given over the years xD

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