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Wow that's low. Did they come in really delayed? Most of my nursery children are working at that level and some secure in the band. I would think the older ones would 'bring them on.' Maybe you haven't had the opportunity to observe them enough to see them displaying these aspects? It must be so hard with mixed ages. Or maybe older ones taking over? Or have they got 'issues' e.g. attachment issues/possibly on spectrum etc? Some children will find it hard to achieve these if PSED is delayed. Would some interventions help? In December we had turn-taking interventions for anyone who was still playing alongside peers or actively avoiding them! Two/three times a week with anyone we thought would be a 'good fit.'. Wherever they were playing e.g. taking it in turns to roll a hoop/build a tower from bricks etc. We found that they would often carry on playing with the child afterwards after a few weeks.

Role-play is a good place to see them playing co-operatively or just showing interest in children by smiling - a smile is a cue and a way of initiating play. Speech not required! And responding doesn't just mean leading the play, it could be letting someone lead and joining in with that child's play.

If you observe discretely, you might hear them initiating conversation. Some children won't do this in front of an adult. It's surprising what you hear when you are busy writing a shopping list!!!!!!!!!

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