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Supervisor leaving - Help with writing job advert needed!


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We are gutted that our Supervisor is leaving us after 11 years, although completely understand as it's all got a bit much for her!


We are a committee run pre-school and we have not had to advertise for a long time and could do with a bit of advice, we are in the unfortunate position of it being unlikely to have a replacement in time for the summer term when you take into account people having to give notice and getting the references and DBS checks done - feeling stressed! :-(


The Supervisor is in the setting every morning, but in addition to that, she does lots of other jobs at home or in holidays (planning and various other things!) and we are unsure how to describe the hours as just giving the hours in the setting doesn't go far enough.


Any suggestions from anyone who has had to advertise for a supervisor role?


Your help is much appreciated!


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Speaking as a manager in a similar type of group, I would suggest that the 'committee' use this time to re-evaluate any job descriptions and actual work done by your supervisor. Maybe also look at other staff job descriptions? To be completely honest about everything before working out hours and wages, and before putting together your advert. Have a look at locally advertised positions. I think if you put in the groundwork it will hopefully pay off with the right candidate who will stay with you. Good luck!

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