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Water heaters for hand washing?


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Just want some opinions please.

I am based in a village hall and the children (3yrs+) access the toilets independently. Hand washing basins and soap available but there is no running hot water. In the winter the childrens hands get really cold using the water from the taps. Thinking that its not good hygiene to have the basins filled with warm water there are two water heaters on the wall to use.

Would you let the children use these (turn dials) without an adult present? Are they safe to use if the children have wet hands when touching them? I am mindful that they could turn the dial and get scalding water(actually not sure of this so will have to look at them myself!!)..these are all the things that have run through my mind and hence we have told children not to use them. What if I put a sticker on the heater dial so children know not to turn it more than to the sticker?

Anyone else have these and let the children use them?

Unfortunately I haven,t got the staff for them to constantly supervise this and we cannot afford the money or space for portable hand washing facilities.


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