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Nursery aged children in a school question


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No. It's for reception aged children upwards. However in the now archived original guidance it does say this:


"Existing entitlements to free school meals for disadvantaged pupils in nursery classesand at key stages 2-4 will continue, based on the existing free school meals eligibility criteria for those groups of pupils."
So there may be some pupils who are eligible but not all and I would guess they would probably be accessing additional hours for agreed reasons. You would have to ask yourr Families Information team or equal service in your LA possibly.


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Hi I work in a school Nursery and Catma is right. Nursery aged children do not qualify for the Government scheme. However, there are children in our Nursery who, under the eligibility criteria, qualify and therefore receive FSM. Parents need to be in receipt of certain benefits/tax credit etc.

If you are in a school Nursery then your school finance manager will have the details and should form part of your prospectus for new starters.

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