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GRRRRR...underperforming graduate.....


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Need to vent...know that you will know what I mean.....

New term 2 new parents arrive same time this morning,Manager and Deputy gave them the tour etc...5 other staff and 28 children( 5 new that day.....) 1 child is one to one anyway with her disability....4 staff left with 27 children....one new child (very loudly )inconsolable.....3 staff and 27 children.....me,my level 3,and my lazy lev 6 graduate.... my level 3 and I interchanged with the two 1-2-1 children to give the other staff a break until manager and deputy free....all this time .....90 mins...the graduate sat in the same spot with 4 children and did not offer

to help with the situation.....I saw RED...... and let the manager know how upset I was ...it is my Nursery........she said it was fine I am always having a go at

the graduate,but

truth of the matter the graduate is paid lot more that my lev 3 and lev2 and yet they do far more work than her.....she has yet to take circle time or register,

cannot hold a group for a story....does no nappies or school runs.....been with me for 18 months...no improvement.....so apart from being made to feel that I was being vindictive,.....I needed a team person this morning and she was found lacking.

When I ask her to do things...get dirty look....only 23 so when living wage in force April i will be so pleased to give everyone the rise but not her....since I feel all my staff work hard except one....

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Such a shame. Sounds like a lack of motivation and enthusiasm to me - maybe you could try to engage her by finding out what her passion is and seeing where you can go with it? What she wrote her dissertation on for example (I assume her degree was Early Years related)?

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