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I need some advice on cleaning sand

I had just emptied two bags of sand into the sand tray when a "little helper" added a pot of water, pasta and peas. This could not be seived out because the sand was wet, Now it is damp and mouldy!!!! I have removed it from the sand tray but I am reluctant to throw two bags worth of sand away.


I know some settings regularly clean their sand but we don't so advice and instructions for the best way to do this would be welcome.


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probably no help whatsoever but as you have had no replies so far.......


One setting I worked in used to wash the sand by filling the sand tray with water with Milton in it (sorry cannot remember the correct name- you know the stuff you sterilise babies bottles with!!)

The sand was well agitated and stirred before being left to settle and usually the muck was at the top and poured off with the water. they did this twice before using clean water to rinse. The water was then sieved off and sand dried out , usually in the sun!! they always seemed to do this in Summer only!! wonder why!!!

(they dried it in an oven one year...not a very good summer!)


A very messy process but the children joined in and played with the sand while it was being rinsed in deep water. They loved it!!


Must admit our sand runs out by being swept up from the floor before we ever need to wash it!!




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I would have to say the same as Inge - sounds like a lot of hard work cleaning it and mine tends to disapper over the course of a few weeks anyway. I would perhaps look at finding a small container and just putting in one bag at a time - so if something does go wrong you dont have to get rid of the whole lot. Let's face it for the amount of time it would take someone to do all that - a bag of sand is only a couple of quid - my time is worth more than that.

Sorry fairly negative comment - perhaps someone will give you a better answer.


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