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Nursery to Reception - correct learning


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I was wondering if i could find out some valuable information regarding - Writing, Number techniques used when children start in Reception at School.


It is the case sometimes that children can be learning to write or count in Pre-School and then when they go to School they basically need to re-learn.


It would be great to be teaching all our children the foundation in the same way they then continue onto in Reception, and i was hoping for some help?


Please could you share the correct techniques used.. ie Phonics but for writing, and counting, numbers etc...


Thank you for any help or advise.

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Thank you, we had planned to ask the local schools but also wanted to get some ideas from this forum if possible. I guess different schools have different techniques? We use Jolly Phonics and that seems universal in our area.. but it's how to correctly start children to write we have found can set children back once they go into Reception. usually children can count upto 10 or higher before they go into reception, but what techniques are applied usually for adding or more advanced maths?


it is things like this that would really help children get the best foundation and not have to redo things or start from scratch and therefor miss 12 months of valuable early learning.

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