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Book recommendations for Forest School


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Does anyone have any good book recommendations for Forest School, please? I took my first Forest School morning on Friday and it was a big success; but now I'm stuck on where to go next and will be asking Father Christmas for a book of ideas for Forest School!

Recommendations or forest school ideas would be very welcome!


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What fun - we have a big focus on Forest school in my area. I would say that it;s best to really embed the basic structure of Forest school before moving along too quickly - using the strater games you did on your training like "123 where are you" are really good things to provide a structure and then you can start to add new things later on.



You can also look at taking your queue from what's happening in your Forest school space, both within the natural world and from the children too.




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Stories I've used in forest school 'not a stick' 'leaf man' 'stick man' and my all time favourite bog baby.


Thanks for your reply Deb - I'm really looking for Teacher's books re forest school - with ideas for different activities. I did the training about 18 months ago, but never really put it into practise (wouldn't know where to find my notes, either!); now I have moved into YR we do forest school every other week - alternating with my colleague, so am looking for inspiration!


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