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Year 1 in an FSU


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Me again, banging on about the same issue!


I think I have read stuff that says you can have year 1's in an FSU. Anyone do this?

We are a school looking at taking over the ownership of our on site Pre-school.

The two facilities are currently in adjoining rooms with a sliding door so can become one unit or stay separate as needed.

We are a very small school so i will be the only teacher in the unit but we will have 4 two year olds, 8 pre-schoolers, 12 Reception and about 5 Year 1's.

Apart from it being a planning nightmare, does anyone currently do this or have any words of wisdom.


I guess the climate is not right to stop taking two year olds at this point is it, with all the funding that is around?



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This is not exactly relevant, it being an age ago in a far off country, but my first school had 28 children from Prep to Yr6 and 1 teacher. Seemed to work. The primary school I mainly went to had 3 teachers and a teachers' aid divided into three classes - Prep, Yrs 1, 2 and 3; Yrs 4, 5 and 6; and the head teacher taught Yr 7. I never felt disadvantaged, we all just cracked on with the work we were given.


I know schools don't work like this now though - last time I was home I was talking to a child in a school with 4 pupils and 23 adults providing services for them at different times.


Apologies for that walk down memory lane.



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