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we are implementing tapestry for the Amman Academy KG Stage. we have 3 sections for the pre-KG and 7 sections for KG 1.

is there a way where i can group students into respective sections and assign multiple teachers to the same. where students in this group are considered as the key children for all linked teachers?

we need this because we are a bilingual school and every class section has 2 homeroom teachers; Arabic hoemroom teacher and EN homeroom teacher.so same group/class section will have 2 teachers.

also, there are other teachers who teach all class sections for example the PE teacher teaches all pre-KG and KG 1 sections so i need to link her to all the groups instead of linking all 156 student to her and when she wants to add an obs she would have to scroll through a list of 156 name which is not feasible at all.

also, when i create a group and assign a teacher as the owner, when i log into that teacher's account, i cant see the group or add obs to the students in that group.

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I'm afraid it's not possible for multiple staff to share the same key children group. You would need to set up the key children for each member of staff. You might be able to work around your PE teacher's issue by giving her multiple staff accounts (could be PIN only), then assigning some of the children to each one. She could then switch user to her account for the group that she's teaching and only see the appropriate children in the list. We will be working on ways to improve the groups and filtering but we've got a lot on our plates at the moment.


Could you please submit a support ticket about the group ownership issue?

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we are having the same problem that when we put a member of our staff as owning the group it is not showing when we login as them.


we would also like our room leaders to be able to see all children in the room not just their key children is this something that is possible.


we notice that this was posted a year ago and just wondered if with the new update it was something that has now been incorporated?? :1b

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You can use the manual group facility to make key person groups for analysis purposes - this will mean you can add all the children as 'key children' to all the staff working in one room so that they can all see all of them.


So, staff in room 1 (called for example x, y, z):

Staff x adds all of room 1's children as key children and sets preference on their own home screen (top right, by their name) to see only key children

Staff y does the same

Staff z does the same

With the setting on preferences to 'see only key children' - staff x, y, and z will see all of Room 1 children.


Then, manager goes to control panel and finds 'groups' and clicks '+group'

Manager adds three manual groups 'staff x's key children', 'staff y's key children' etc.


Then, when looking in analysis you will be able to choose (when looking at groups) either Room 1 or staff x's children, or staff y's children or staff z's children - this will enable you to see staff effectiveness as well as children's progress

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