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Hi all

Just to recap... i opened my preschool in September 05, inspectors turned up the week before Christmas, after only being open for three months. They came in on the Friday and were returning on the Monday to complete inspection...we had some really sad news regarding one of our families the same week oftsed came in.. we turned up for work Monday morning, worried, feeling sick etc :wacko: they then phoned about 20 minutes before opening to say they were not coming due to the sad news and that it wasn't fair that they were around and would see us on 10th January to complete inspection :o


Well its all over :DxD:D:(:D , and we have got a GOOD, now i can relax and enoy my new venture for the next three years, before they come back :( . She was really pleased and so are we. We have a couple of recommendations but only in areas we were aware about, so over all we are thrilled :D


I now feel like a 'real pre- school' lol now i have been through the Ofsted experience


a very happy, and relaxed Jo :(


PS she was really nice and even made us all a cup of tea before she sat down to give us her feedback...erm she didn't wash up though lol

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Hi there, Jo


Well done all of you! I bet you are happy and relaxed, so just enjoy the feeling and get on with doing your grand job.


Hope the sad news didn't spoil Christmas for you


Sue x

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So glad to hear everything went well in the end .... 'Good' is brilliant. Now you can begin to enjoy your lovely pre-school/ers.


Well done,


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