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What are the rules in an FSU if it's a Reception class and a Pre-school, next door to each other but with a wall and doors between the rooms. can the teacher lead both set ups (with the correct ratio in place) doing all the planning and spending part of the time in each room?


Also, any one running a 12 place pre-school that is self-financing (8 3-4yr olds, 4 2 yr olds- 2 staff)?


Schools, if you are running an FSU how are you able to afford the cost of the teacher form the grant funding or do you share it 50/50 with the school?





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I'm assuming your pre school isn't actually part of the school, but is a ran as a separate entity.


I think it would be tricky asking a teacher to lead on planning, assessment and delivery for children that aren't actually on the school roll.


Just my opinion, might be wrong.

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