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New report Reducing poverty by promoting diverse social networks...


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If you get the Nursery World updates you may have seen the headline about linking child benefit to take up of early years entitlement. (if you got past the interview with Sam Gyimah, that is)


After I had picked my jaw up from the floor, I did follow the link, which is below to the report.


Reducing poverty by promoting diverse social networks


According to Mr Mundia, there was much grunting and 'exclaiming What?!! whilst I was reading it.

Perhaps it was just me, see what you think about taking child benefit off parents who don't use their entitlement, and how this might be 'policed',


Its not the only recommendation, others relate to children centres and expectations for them.


Of course many such thin tank reports do sit on the back burner for a while and then appear in some future policy in a different format.


Debate on....



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