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Hi all, i wonder if you could help. i am in the process of thinking of a topic for my Dissertation. I am interested in Schemas, but am concerned if enough solid research could be done into this topic. also i am struggling to think of a title. i have been thinking along the lines of "The role of Schemas in the Cognitive development of children in the Early Years. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated, has any one done a Dissertation about Schemas

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Hello Jasminerose, I completed my research module for the EYFD on schemas, my research title was:

The introduction of training sessions for staff to develop their schema identification skills helps to support the pre-school planning process.

People to look into for info and research were: Cath Arnold, Cathy Nutbrown, Chris Athey, Tina Bruce, S Marshall, J Matthews, A Meade and P Cubey, V Melnyczuk and W. Whittaker, J Mickelburgh, A Orton, F Pafford, Wijk.

You might want to look into the Froebel Early Education Project, the Competent Children study and the Wilton Playcentre project.

I find schemas fascinating, good luck!



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