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Help With Observation Recording Methods C16


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I'm doing purely portfolio work and I'm stuck as I've yet to do my C16 observations on the children. I've actually done them but need to write them up and I can't remember for the life of me how to do it.


I have done one written narrative for PS&E but need to do 7 more and need to cover event/time sample, tick list, sociogram etc help :) can't remember the easy format to do this in. I've a mountain of missing KE's and need help with those throughout my portfolio :) anyone willing to give me KE questions please?


Anything I can help with I'll be more than willing :o


Thank you



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Sorry, I may be being a bit dense (Friday night) but I'm not really sure what you're after...if you've done the obs, then surely they're written up? And as for easy formats - I only know the standard ones!


Come back with more info and I'll try to help


Sue :)

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Hi Sue,


Yeah Friday Night thing for me too not explaining myself too well.

I wrote up the observations all as narratives in a rough format then need to convert it.

In the playgroup I work in we don't use any standard formats for observations so just really looking for a blank one so I can fill in my details if you know what I mean? :)


I'm sitting here checking checking this forum and ticking off bits on my review sheets.


I can't wait until I've got rid of my NVQ3 and my Open Uni starts :) it's going to be fun to say the least!


Thank you for your response and help


D x

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Hi Dawn, welcome to the forum.


I came definately recommend 'A Practical Guide to Child Observation and Assessment' by Christine Hobart and Jill Frankel 2004, if you are stuck on observation tecquics (no idea how to spell that :( ) In chapter 4 it lays out commonly used observation methods. Will try to explain a few, but books better as has diagrams and no idea how to add them from book to this! Sorry :(


Time sample:

Using a chart to do this. Include at top of observation the setting name, date and time of observation, number of children observed and ages. Do not use their own names, I always choose a name starting with the same first letter and same gender, easier to remeber who it was then xD

Head your columns: Time; Activities; Language


Event sample:

Same sort of format. Include same information as before at top of page.

In the columns instead of time put event, then time; duration of event; if the child was provoked or not and the seriousness of the behaviour


Target Child:

This form of observationn is when you focus specifically on one child.

You can use a chart to record this. Include Activity record; Language record; Task/Activity; Interaction

Down the side under Activity record include the times that you have recorded (e.g. 1 min, 2 mins, 3mins, etc...)


Sociograms are used to indicate one particular child's social relationships within a group, or to look at friendship patterns of all the children within a group.

This can be recorded as a chart or a bar chart.


Use two columns, one titled: Children's names, the second: Best friends in the class.

Then list each child, and the friends that you have recorded them with.

Barchart: Put each childs name down the side of the chart and numbers along the baseline. Then fill in as a normal barchart.


A lot of info, really hope that it all makes sense to you. If not either have a look at the book, or say and i'll have another go! :o


Lu :)

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Wow thank you all so so much.

You truely are a Princess :) thank you thank you thank you :)


I'll work on those later this weekend *sigh* hard going with a sick child in the background but I'll get there.


Thanks again


D x

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  • 2 months later...

Hi All


I'm currently working up to doing my first observations and thought I'd have a look at the article Observation! as mentioned on this thread. However, when I click on the excel attachments (observation record, tick sheet, pre-coded obs form) I just get a message saying they don't exist. Have they been removed or am I doing something wrong?


Any help much appreciated!

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Hi Clare, just like to say welcome too. I am sure the resources from the Observation article will be very useful for you. :D



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  • 2 months later...
Also remembered this website which you may also find useful.  :)





Dear Beau you are a star while searching for some guide i noticed you had posted the website above it helps and is a great source of information.




You are a credit to the forum very helpful





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