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Holiday pay....help pls....


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Hi all...can I ask a favour of youduring your busy lives to help pls.....I am totting up days holiday left for my staff...but one I am increasingly unsure of my calculations....

could you pls see if you come out with same days left if poss ?

Staff member started 27 Feb 15 working M 9-1 Fr 9-1.....until 7 Sep when she increased her hrs to 4 days....so half a year of 2 half days and a third of a year of 4 full days (ish)....our holiday year is from 1Jan to 31 Dec.....

Would appreciate your help ...thanks

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This link can help to work it out although with having changing days to 4 in September it is more complex of course.


I would work out how many weeks from 27th Feb - 5th Sep.. = 27 weeks


Then 14 weeks 6th Sep to end of year.


So now i get confused myself.. for 2 days per week the entitlement is 11.2 days leave per year. So i think you would divide 27 weeks by 52 and then multiply by 11.2? this equals 5.82 days


Then we need to work out the 4 days for 14 weeks. the leave for 4 days work is 5.6 x 4 = 22.4 days So again if we divide 14 by 52 and then multiply by 22.4 we get 6.03 days


Total is then 5.82 + 6.03 = 11.85 -- SO 12 days leave


I might be totally wrong though because it is Monday morning sorry :wacko:

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Trying to get dinner on the table and can't get my head around the numbers but if it helps 28 days holiday as a % is 12.07%.


So for every hour worked you accrue 12.07% of holiday pay.



If you worked 100 hours it would be 12.07 hours at the hourly rate


We pay 38 weeks + 5.6 weeks (28 days) over the 12 months which is great if people start work in September and are still there in the august but if staff up their hours or join during the year in use the 12.07% calculation on the hours worked.


Holiday pay is tough but that % helps no end

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