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I know we are only just at the beginning of the spring term but I have been asked by my head to find out what information other schools receive from nursery schools in the autumn term. We have a standard form that we send out but more often than not it is not returned or is returned with as little information as possible and really isn't helpful at all. Are we able to insist on these forms being returned completed?



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from the pre-school/nursery side,

in our area it is a condition of recieving the NEG that we send Transfer documents on to the school by the middle of july, about 2 weeks before the end of term. This is a standard document by all settings to be sent to schools, which has to include a piece of 'art work or drawing' by the child., and is 4 pages long, based on stepping stones.


Does depend on the setting but we find that completing these forms takes a long time. we often have about 40 children to do these on and have to do it in our own time, often unpaid hours unless you are very lucky. This may explain the lack of response to your requests for informtion.


In cluster meetings afterwards we have had freedback from schools, many of whom do not actually look at them at all, some do not look at them until the child has been with them 4 weeks by which time they are so out of date, and one or two actually said they did not rely on the accuracy of the reports as they could not be sure the staff had not done the drawing or writing for the child!! which needless to say really angered all the professional pre-school workers, why did we bother!!


we do find that the better way for us is for the school to do a visit to the pre-school for part of a session in july to actually see the children along with the documents, which we try to have ready when they come for the visit. This has worked with some schools but as we do not have a particular school the children go to it is not always possible, The documents always go whether they are useful or not is up to the schools.


Sorry not much help really, others may be more able to help



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