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I have been revamping my reception planning after reading Alistair Bryce-Cleggs books. Now my children have a break time and because of this are having a rolling snack before break. This of course interrupts their play and exploring quite a bit. I questioned whether the reception children could just take their snack out at break time like all the other children in the school. There was a question of is there health and safety that could be an issue with them choking?


May seem a silly question, I generally do not know. I would like them to have snack at break to stop the interruption of it in their learning time but just want to make sure there is definitely nothing that says they cant have it where they could potentially run around etc.


Hope that makes sense!





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Hi MilldenePS

welcome to the forum, I'm not reception but was so pleased to hear you say 'interrupt their PLAY and EXPLORING...' !!

Refreshing :)


IMHO if you have outside seating could there not be a rule that they sit and eat before they run? Obviously their snack would need to be

just two or three bites I guess...

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Our children take their snack out with them for playtime. Our rule is that they either sit on the steps / seating area or stand still under the shelter to eat their snack before going off to play. Seems to work okay so far.

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I'm obviously replying well after your post. However, I work in a Reception unit with 3 classes totalling 90 children and we do a 'sit and stop' snack time. Everyone sits down (in smaller groups) and has snack at the same time. We find it useful for our children as it supports friendships, social interaction and communication. We recently took part in an ECERS audit and were really pleased with the ECERS team picking up on the positive behaviour, manners and interaction between children and staff.


We've tried sending the snack out with the children at playtimes but they just don't eat it!

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