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Hi, This is the first time i have posted on this website. I have been looking at all the forums and i have found them very interesting, its a great site.

I have been asked by my committee if i could draw up some job specs for a committee run pre-school, i'e chairmans role, secretary etc. I wondered if anybody knew where i could find this information out.

Also does anybody know where you can find out about job specs for equal opps and behaviour, we have to do this for the accreditation.

I would like to wish you all a happy new year.

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The pre-school learning alliance would be able to help,

our commitee a while ago now bought a publication from them giving job decsriptions and responsibilites etc .


try the web site.pre-school commitees this may save you lots of time.





Thats brilliant, Thanks, i've just ordered a copy

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hi, i have got copies the roles of committee we use, hope they help.

if your anything like me, you may notice what little the committee do and how much the staff cover!!!!



Thats brilliant, Thanks.

We have a new committee but they were not sure what their roles were and wanted some job specs written down, these are brilliant. I just hope we now get a very active committee!!!!!!!!!!

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