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Hi all,


In September I will be having a reduced in take of only 18 as opposed to 30, there will be myself and a TA full time in the class.


I was wondering how many observations you would expect roughly per child each week?


My head has chosen the CEM baseline, and whilst I will be doing that during the first few weeks, I also don't feel it will give enough evidence to say where a child is in relation to the Development Matters as it doesn't include each area of learning. I am therefore feeling I will in effect be completing two baselines for the children which appears to be a lot of extra work.


I will obviously be observing the children during their CI play, however for the first few weeks should I focus my own observations on those areas not covered by the CEM program, or cover all of the areas? I am torn with what to do!! :unsure:


Thanks for your help B)

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What information will the CEM baseline give you that you can use to plan a curriculum that meets the statutory educational programmes??

You will need to decide what children's strating poiunts are for teaching and learning - the Baseline is to get a score for future measurements of the school's efectiveness instead. They really serve 2 different purposes.


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