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I am just getting started on the forum and great it is too. still finding it tricky to post in the right place! well i hope everyone is having a great Christmas.


Well here's how i need your help.


i am a bit unsure what to do as my next topic as many of what i have done in other schools are coverd in year 1 in my new school. that is to say year 1 do QCA ourselves and homes etc..


To tell you the truth i am quiet glad as i was getting a bit board with them as a whole block of work. I would find it strage though if i went through the whole of recption without the good old doctors surgery role play. Does anyone else feel that!


i am interested in new topics across the board.

In Autumn 1 i faf really. we do a littel on Our school, Nursery rhymes, but we do a lot of 'exploration' of equipment e.g. construction, glup. To make this more focused does anyone have any ideas as to what i could do?


Autumn 2 i have just done Festivals. i did a new festival each week but to be honset i found it a bit boring adn so next year i am going to call it 'Light' then i can bring lots more such as a role play cave, torches, fesitivals of light.


Now Spring 1 is supposed to be Ourselves

Spring 2 Growth of plants and animals

Summer 1 fairy tales

Summer 3 Transport



now i don't mind these topics but i have a real desire to so a topic on water, don't ask me why, i have no idea!!!!

but i thought it would be nice to explore ice, but then also hot and cold, leading to different places.

i seem to start off with one idea and then go onto another because i want to give the childrne lots of experiences






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Why not do winter and keeping warm which can link to ourselves really? After all spring 1 isn't in spring at all you can keep all the growth for nearer Easter. That means you can have fun now with water and ice and cold lands and animals. lots of lovely opportuniies for art and craft. You can have lots of fun with freezing and melting, and there are lovely books like The Snowman or The Bear, Pingu the Penguin and the like.

Spring 2 leads up to Easter with growth and new life.

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Water would also fit into your transport topic - making boats, floating and sinking etc. I changed the name of our tranport topic to journeys - we do different types of transport, but also lots of geography type work on different parts of the world, places the children are going on holiday, where different relatives live etc. You can look at the best type of transport for getting to each place - also fantasy journeys 'Whatever Next' and include some space work.



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Thanks Guys


i think i will do all of what you suggested.


included Whatever Next last year. We all made sandwiches and Lemonade and went to the moon for a picnic ( in our cardboard box rockets) it was great fun



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