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I have recently bought into the Tapestry software and both staff and parents are finding it very beneficial. Before we used this we had learning journeys which are typed and then a paper tracker which was highlighted every term to show where the children were at and the progress they have made, this however is very time consuming.


Now I use Tapestry I am really unsure how to track the children's progress using this software.


ANY help with this would be much much appreciated.


Thank you



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Hi and welcome.


Tapestry will track for you... It's very clever! There is a lot of information in the analysis section, but a lot of us find this very confusing. When we write our progress summaries (twice a year) we photograph them onto tapestry and add the children's ages/stages of development, which corralates with their snapshots. I find the snapshots very useful. It does average out the obs, so when I did my transition reports, I found some children were a little further on than the avarage eg secure instead of developing, but you can manually adjust the snapshot. My fault for not getting enough secure obs in for tapestry to move it up!

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Hi rise and shine,

Have a look at the snapshot tab, and also the child comparison screen (where you can look at a child's assessments across two assessment periods). You can reach this from analysis >EYFS and scroll down to the bottom to 'comparison: individual'.

If you select dev matters statements within your assessments you can see the ongoing view from analysis>EYFS and scroll down again to the bottom, to the EYFS statement screen.

These are the three most popular, most straightforward screens :1b

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Tapestry is great for showing a child's progress within your setting.. via assessment period comparison charts.. ie baseline period (approx 6 week period) then compare this to ie summer term 2 hopefully 6 months later etc.. it will show you the bar chart from both periods to compare progress. This is all in the analysis area.. and is wonderful :@)

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