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Hi all


I could do with some quick advice. We really need a new member of staff for September. I have spoken to a lady who has a PGCE in education and loads of experience working with vulnerable families. However none of this is early years specific. I asked for clarification from LEA if this would count in ratio and qualified staff and basically they didn't answer just sent me a link and said check on equivalency website. The link doesn't work. I have tried to google it but don't think I am coming up with the right thing


So can anyone help does a PGCE count not count?


it seem crazy in a way that it doesn't when I look at all her experience

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I had this with regards to the Graduate leader funding. I am a qualified teacher specialising in 3-7. However my PGCE certificate didn't say that. The LEA eventually said if I did lots of Early years training courses I would qualify.

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